Frequently Asked Questions

No. Many dental practices are still in the dark about the importance of SEO and its impact on their business. Even though SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing methods for dentists available, many dentists are hesitant to invest in it.

There are many ways a dental practice can develop online exposure, and SEO is one of the best. Dental SEO is an excellent way to achieve high SERP rankings and generate patient leads online. It is an essential form of dental digital marketing.

With the correct knowledge, dental SEO can be achieved freely. However, the best results require a professional agency. Depending on your requirements, the price of SEO for dental digital marketing can vary, from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Dental SEO can be a competitive process, as many other dental practices are also vying for the top spot on search engines. However, if you get it done by an experienced professional, it is an effective form of online marketing for dentists.

SEO typically yields results within two months, but it can take up to 12 months to take full effect, depending on the dental SEO strategy employed.

Both SEO and PPC are effective forms of dental digital marketing. However, PPC is costly and takes a lot of trial and error. Though SEO may time longer, the results are typically more consistent when hiring a professional digital marketing agency for dentists.

Yes. If dental SEO techniques are integrated into your website effectively, you can expect to see an increase in traffic and, therefore, an increase in patient leads.

Local SEO is one of the most essential parts of online marketing for dentists. It allows your practice to appear in ‘near me’ searches on search results pages. This is an effective way to generate local patient leads.

Like all businesses, dentists need a robust online marketing strategy. SEO is an excellent way to increase your practice’s online presence and appear higher on SERPs. Without SEO, dental practices stand to lose many potential clients.

At The Dental SEO Experts, we work closely with you to understand your requirements. We then put together a custom dental digital marketing plan to drive traffic to your website effectively.

You can ask your patients where they found your practice or use several analytical tools such as Google Analytics or your website’s direct metrics. You should consider web traffic, CTRs, and your SERP rankings.

This is difficult to determine as results vary by SEO strategies and practice. However, you should expect to see increased client leads after 6 to 12 months of online marketing.

We offer several dental digital marketing services. This includes SEO, social media management, Google My Business management, and website development.

You can send us a message through our contact page or schedule a free consultation to discuss your dental digital marketing needs.

Yes. Your clinic will seem more appealing to existing customers as you create an appearance of trust and authority through SEO practices. This will inspire them to come back for repeat treatments.