How do I check my domain authority?

Several free tools are available to check your website’s domain authority. These include:

  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Site Checker
  • Small SEO Tools

You can also get in touch with The Dental SEO Experts for a thorough analysis of your website.

How often should I check my domain authority?

If you’re checking your domain authority with Moz, you should examine it every three to four weeks, as this is when the service updates its DA index.

How is domain authority calculated?

Domain authority is calculated differently depending on what service you use. The most prominent formula from Moz, the creators of the DA metric, is linked root domains + number of backlinks + MozRank + MozTrust. Scores from these parameters are added together and plotted on a scale of naught to 100.

What is a good domain authority score?

Scores between 50 and 60 are generally considered an indicator of good DA, and anything above is excellent. Websites with a DA below 50 need improvement.

Why is increasing DA important?

A high DA indicates that your website is in an excellent position to be ranked highly on SERPs by search engines, such as Google. So, increasing your domain authority means increasing your SERP and SEO score, which helps your website generate more traffic and leads.

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