I’ve installed a WordPress SEO plugin. Does that mean I don’t need an SEO consultant?

No. Though WordPress SEO plugins are highly useful and can help you to better understand the marketing requirements of your practice, they cannot replace the refined expertise of SEO specialists.

How do I choose the best WordPress SEO plugin for my website?

You should consider your marketing goals and whether a particular SEO plugin is likely to help you achieve those objectives. For example, if you aim to improve local SEO, you’ll need a tool that enables solid long-tail, local keyword research.

Can free WordPress themes hurt my SEO?

Yes. Due to the limited features, lackluster UI customization options, and bloatware (unnecessary plugins) that slow your website, free WordPress themes can hurt your SEO scores. It’s best to use original website templates built with SEO in mind, like that offered by The Dental SEO Experts, or fully custom sites.

Are free seo plugins effective for SEO?

Yes, to a degree. Free SEO plugins typically contain several essential and basic features or limit capacity. For example, some plugins may restrict how much keyword data you can retrieve. Though this stops you from conducting advanced and comprehensive SEO, you can still begin optimization proceedings. In other words, free SEO plugins are an excellent start.

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